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We stock the following brands and offer a National Service, including a free assesment of your Taping equipment (Click on the logo for more information on each product.)



Alaska – the revolutionary 2000m Freezer grade machine tape!

Alaska is an Environmentally Friendly “Solvent Free” Freezer grade machine tape. Its excellent adhesion, strength and durability are a product of its specially formulated adhesive. Alaska machine tape is the obvious choice for the most demanding applications.

Our Alaska tape comes on a 2000m roll. This is more than double the standard roll lengths (see image), and results in:


• Reduced machine downtime, less roll changes per shift

• Reduced logistics; more than double the amount of tape in a box

• Reduced Packaging Waste; less than half the amount of cores to discard.


The Alaska adhesive system is specifically developed to meet the demands of high volume production lines in the freezer industry but also for older productions lines that need just that little bit extra to keep the machines performing.


Big name, powerful performance, trusted productTexus is a quality Machine Tape. High tack, fast bonding adhesive packaging tape manufactured for the volume user market in both hand and machine roll variants. Recommended for case taping in fast production line manufacturing applications.

Product Features

The Texus adhesive tape is specifically formulated to meet the demands of high volume production lines using automatic case tapers.

Texus adhesive tape can be printed.

Texus tape is available in machine and standard hand roll length.



No1. popular brand packaging tape

The success of this fast growing brand of packaging tape is built upon it’s reliability and performance. The unique adhesive system is both environmentally friendly and provides excellent bonding strength to most carton surfaces.

Product Specification

Brilliant, versatile and competent all rounder tape.Available in buff, clear, white, plain and custom printed.Competitive pricing.Standard texts, fragile, Handle with care,etc available ex stock.



A quality tape at an economical price. Great for volume users!An honest well made product for the volume market. If your staff work hard and fast, Dakota is the tape for them. Its not for cowboys!








e-tape packaging tape – 150 metres per roll!e-tape is the market leading 150metre hand packaging tape system. Now used in packaging operations worldwide e-tape offers savings in time, packaging waste and cost.

The secret of e-tape packaging tape is the small core and the big roll length – simple but ingenious. Many users are moving to 150metre e-tape rather than industry accepted 66metre rolls.



Quality & performance self adhesive paper tape

Maxtape® is the only range of masking and kraft self adhesive tapes to carry the peace of mind BondMark™ seal of quality. Manufactured to the highest standard, the Maxtape® range covers most industrial applications, and is available in a wide range of widths.